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35 years of searching excellence

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Who are we?

  • Founded in 1986
  • Full range of patent, design and literature searches
  • Staff skilled in all fields of science and technology
  • Meticulous, resourceful, cost-effective

Searching the world’s IP by class, code, keyword, structure, sequence, image and interview.

The documentation provided by our services can assist in all aspects of the identification, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

▾What makes us unique?

We are distinguished by our combination of:

  • An unrivalled depth of search experience. The analysts average more than 15 years of patent searching experience.
  • Readiness to take on any area of science or technology, from alpha particles to zygotes.
  • The only UK search company to have more than one Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) certified analyst. Two of our Principal Patent Analysts are QPIPs; and they head the Life Science & Biotechnology group and Chemistry group.
  • Thoroughness and rigour in strategy formation and searching. Every search uses a range of approaches, and analysts plan every search detail using a proprietary concept combination grid.
  • High level skills in chemical substructure searching and in gene sequence searching using GenomeQuest.
  • Experience of providing drug and biopharmaceutical patent positions.
  • Ability to find and interview witnesses that can cast light on the intricacies of an infringement or validity court action.
  • A proprietary Concept Library of class and keyword search terms maintained for thousands of topics. This sharing of knowledge means that analysts can draw on a wealth of accumulated experience to enhance their construction of searches.

▾What do we pride ourselves on?

▾Customer focus

Recently we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the founding of the company and as we looked back we were delighted to see how many of our most important clients have been with us since the first few years. Our continued success vindicates our approach of looking at everything from the client's point of view and putting service to the client at the top of our agenda. That is what drives our attention to detail and maintenance of rigorous standards. We invite you to consult our testimonials page to see the feedback from a number of our valued customers.


Nearly all of our analysts are postgraduates in a science or engineering discipline. All have passed through our demanding interview process.


Our experienced supervisory staff provide the essential on-the-job training. Analysts take courses from the WIPO Academy. Victor Green & Company is also supportive of the Qualified Patent Information Professionals (QPIP) programme and we supplement our internal training with the skills and knowledge required by the QPIP syllabus. Staff are committed to a Continuous Professional Development programme to ensure we are always at the forefront of IP information.

▾Bespoke service

We provide searches and reports that meet the clients' exact needs.

Our Pre-filing Budget Searches play a significant role in drafting. A leading firm of patent attorneys has said that the results of our budget novelty searches always play a significant role in their drafting of patent applications.

▾High standards

Each enquiry receives the personal attention and supervision of the managing director Victor Green, or the Principal Patent Analysts, Davinia Collyer, Alessio Brizzi and Joanne Kirkwood, as regards choice of strategy, execution of the search, quality control, and the presentation of results.

We provide reports including freedom to operate (FTO) searches, so compared with companies that just provide novelty searches, we are used to working in a meticulous and thorough way to meet the high standards of precision required for FTO.

▾Difficult subject matter

We are imaginative, bringing lateral thinking to all our problem solving, and deliver results for even the most difficult searches. Read our stories.

We are also happy to take enquiries beyond the confines of the library or the internet, for example interviewing experts on head-up displays or visiting design museums to inspect lace patterns. In one notable case we were required to find date-marked operating manuals for a machine imported into the United Kingdom 20 years previously. Although the importers had destroyed their records, we were able to contact virtually all early purchasers of the equipment, determine the fate of their manuals, and locate and interview five witnesses whose evidence was crucial to a successful outcome for our client.

▾Wide range of language skills

In-house language skills include French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

To some extent we are also able to input the words equivalent to non-Latin text as the keywords in our search. For example in searching the keyword "inhaler", we can search the original fulltext non-Latin documents in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea using: 吸入器 , 吸入器 and 흡입기.

▾Who benefits from our services?

We can help you whether you are:

  • a legal professional wanting all the information needed to advise your clients on due diligence and other IP issue
  • a university, research institute or public sector organisation applying for or awarding grants to develop new ideas
  • a venture capital company deciding whether to fund a start-up with new or disruptive technology content.

There are many situations where it is legally advisable or commercially useful to search through existing patents and patent applications, registered designs or technical literature. Our bespoke reports can aid in all aspects of the identification, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

See our 'Company Brochure' for a detailed account of our services. Click here

Qualified Patent Information Professionals

Victor Green & Company is the only UK search company to have more than one QPIP certified analyst.

We are delighted that two of our Principal Patent Analysts have received their certification as Qualified Patent Information Professionals (QPIPs). They head the Life Science & Biotechnology team and Chemistry team. This adds a further level of training for these analysts and ultimately their respective departments, enhances their competence level and demonstrates they are all-round professionals, see full story.

35th anniversary

We were proud to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the founding of Victor Green & Company in 2021. Our services continue to be meticulous, resourceful and cost-effective. These qualities have ensured that some of our most important clients have been with us since the beginnings of the company. We look forward to continuing to provide searching excellence.

Looking forward to our next thirty-five years, we anticipate that the topics shown above may be potential growth areas for our clients. Our teams in Electronics and Engineering, Life Sciences and Chemistry are likely to be searching these fields in the future.